The Playhouse Modern Cat Tree with ramp and Sisal Scratching Posts



* BEAUTIFUL AND STURDY: This modern cat tree with sleek construction and stylish finises looks beautiful in your living space. Its heavy duty baseboard and well balanced design ensure its stability.The security strap allow it to be anchored to the wall help prevent from tipping over.

* WIDE AND SPACIOUS: The extra large elevated perch with raised rim offer maximum comfort and strong support for feline friend while they are lounging and resting. It stands 34 inches tall is perfect height for bird watching and enjoy the sunshine.
* COZY AND PRIVATE: The dual condos come with ultra soft cushions offering a quiet and private place to curl up, sleep and rest. The different distribution of the cubby’s satisfy different ages of cats as the floor apartment requires no steps and is great for elder and young kittens.

* SCRATCHING FUN: Fully wrapped with natural sisal,the scratching posts will completely satisfy their scracthing instincts and keep their claws from your expensive furniture! The ramp covered with sisal mat not only aid cat to the upper level but also increase the scratching experience.
* BUILT IN TOY: Your little “tiger” will love the fuzzy ball. With the unique design, the dangling ball is detachable,you could replace if it is torn off. Replacement Included!

Dimensions : 48*44*89cm

Weight : 15 KG